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Latest News

Fri 4th June 2021
With everyone increasingly aware of the benefits of fresh air and outdoor activities, Leighton Hall’s innovative new outdoor schools packages are already proving a big hit. Designed for Key Stage 1&2 primary school children, they have already inspired an exciting new partnership with Kendal-based outdoor equipment distributor Whitby and Co., currently celebrating 60 years in the town.
Thu 3rd June 2021
Oplo invites customers and employees to play their part in tackling climate change. Leading UK consumer lender Oplo is inviting all new customers to join their mission to protect our planet and radically accelerate the reduction of carbon emissions. With the ambition to become carbon neutral by the end of 2021, Oplo has joined forces with two partners to tackle climate change with new tree planting initiatives – one in Scotland, and one closer to Oplo’s headquarters in Lancashire.
Mon 1st March 2021
Leighton Hall is please to launch its brand new website which proudly sports a fresh branding and identity. The branding has tried to remain true to the estates heritage whilst offering a modern feel.