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Leighton Woodlands & Silverdale District Woodbank

"Seeing the Good for the Trees"
For centuries, Leighton’s 450 acres of mixed deciduous woodland, have been providing shelter, food and fuel for generations of birds, mammals, insects, pollinators- and humans. We have recently planted 30,000 trees, which will remove up to 750 tonnes of CO2 annually from the atmosphere. Safe and sustainable management of our historic woodland, also incorporating community and individual wellbeing, is also a major part of our ESG goals.
Silverdale District Woodbank
We’ve working with Silverdale District Woodbank, a community group dedicated to helping look after local woodlands, in conjunction with local landowners. From coppicing and clearing to identifying and mitigating at risk trees, branches and storm damage, working days at Leighton give volunteers the physical and mental wellbeing benefits of a day’s teamworking in nature, expert training and practical skills, plus their pick of cleared timber to add to their community woodbank. By opening up Leighton’s unique historic landscape, we gain so much more than healthy woodlands: a dynamic example of positive action through strong community partnership.