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General Enquiries & FAQ's

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Please find below information about various aspects of visiting Leighton Hall.

Information for Dog Owners

Assitance Dogs are welcome and have unlimited access to the Gardens, Woodland Walk, Tearooms and Hall. Owners of these assitance dogs are required to follow the standard rules for the use of assistance dogs in a public place.

Family dogs can only access the public footpaths which adjoin the Leighton Hall car park. Unfortunately they are unable to access the visitor attraction and formal garden. If you are wishing to access the visitor attraction and formal garden your dog will be required to stay in the car. Please note that the main car park has shaded parking and water is always made available.

Photography & Filming

No photography or videography is allowed within the house without permission. The use of drones is not permitted without prior agreement.

Wheelchair Users

Assitance frames, manual and motorised wheelchairs are welcome. Blue badge parking is situated on main terrace of the Hall.

Leighton Hall has made every effort to make the Hall, Gardens and facilities, accessible to all visitors. However, regrettably, the Hall’s first floor is inaccessible for wheelchair users. Assistance may also be needed in some ground floor areas.

The accessibilty toilet is situated in the main hall.

Leighton Hall has a manual wheelchair available on request, please ring ahead to check availability. Please note use of this wheelchair will be under your own steam and at your own risk.

Owner’s Rights

The Owners reserve the right to close or restrict access to Leighton Hall and its grounds for special events or at any other time without prior notice. However, every effort will be made to post notification of any proposed closure on our website and social media.

Leighton Hall Day Visitor Leaflet

Downloadable leaflet detailing what to expect on your day visit to the fabulous Leighton Hall.

With useful information regarding opening times, prices, facilities and much more.