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The Leighton Hall Orchard

Step into Nature

As part of our focus on environmental sustainability, we are nurturing the link between learning from our past to engage with today and influence our future. In our orchard, planting traditional Lancashire trees among their heritage forefathers to create a continuing legacy. Environmental recovery in action: wildflowers and grasses create an extended flowering season to support vital pollinators, including Leighton’s resident bees.

Pause, Reconnect, Breathe

When you visit Leighton Hall for your teambuilding workshop, environmental awareness or ESG strategy day, you step out of the everyday and into a living landscape. As part of your day, we welcome you to explore our orchard through its changing seasons: leaves, blossom and fruit. Sit, walk, relax and listen amongst the foliage, birdsong and busy insect life, forging valuable reconnection with nature’s enduring cycles. You can even cook an outdoor lunch!  Carry home with you the reinvigoration of your mindfulness moment, along with your new skills, direction and inspiration.

Footprint for the Future

Sustainability and social responsibility are at the top of all priority lists or should be. As a proud winner of the ESG Award at the Red Rose Awards last year, and the Historic Houses Association Sustainability Award this year, Leighton Hall is walking the walk and not just talking the talk. Tap into our expertise, support, and unique natural environment, to unlock your potential to make a difference.