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Fri 31 May 2024
Nature's Blueprint North

Nature's Blueprint North We are currently experiencing an unprecedented series of crises; climate, biodiversity, mass extinction… People are feeling deflated, powerless & sometimes overwhelmed. This is our response. Nature's Blueprint is a unique experience, model for change & community which empowers, energises & supports people to reconnect with nature & find innovative & impactful solutions to the challenges of our time.

Cost: £150

Do you feel overwhelmed by global environmental crises'?
Do you want to make a difference to the planet but feel helpless and unqualified to do anything about it?
Do you feel isolated and have nowhere to ask 'stupid' questions?
Do you feel disconnected from nature?
Does it all feel too inevitable?

Then Nature's Blueprint North is for you!
Nature's Blueprint Regenerative Framework
The premise of Nature's Blueprint is the acknowledgement of the disconnect between the human race and the rest of the natural world. Our belief is that this is at the heart of most of the crises we face today. As such, in working together we first move to.......
Form a deeper relationship with the natural world, shine a light on the interconnectedness of soil health, gut health, human mental & physical health, societal & overall planetary health. This includes being outdoors, getting your hands dirty in the soil, learning about natural processes such as symbiosis, mycorrhizal networks, the microbiome and how these processes relate to your world. This will lead to a state of being where you can start to.....
A different way of being, a different future for you, your communities, your organisations. Drawing on nature's lessons & proven mindset shifting models & tools, you will explore different solutions to the challenges that you face. Then you get to the vital part, you then get to ...
Taking your learnings from the experience you will take time to reflect on your own & with inspirational peers to create your own action plan.  There will be the opportunity to foster accountability within the community.

We are at the tipping point for our species and millions of other species on the planet. This is your time to make a difference. This is your time to take action, to be the ancestor you want to be.

We are delighted to be hosted by the incredible Leighton Hall Estate which forms 10% of the Arnside & Silverdale Area of the Outstanding Natural Beauty and takes pride in its Environmental & Sustainability projects. Having won several environmental awards, including the Historic Houses Sustainability award, we felt Leighton Hall, whilst being the most idyllic setting, also reflected our ethos of starting right where you are and making a difference!