Our tour was so entertaining and the guide was wonderful. The highlight was sitting at in the dining room at the amazing Gillow table.
Mrs Carter


Rooms and Furniture

Leighton Hall is very much a lived in house, brought to life by the enthusiasm of the guides. Each room from the imposing dining room to the modest chapel is used regularly by the owners, so there are no roped off areas and visitors can enjoy their tour without being asked not to touch!

With lots of funny and fascinating tales to reveal, the family’s Gillow ancestry means that there are many unusual pieces of Gillow furniture, as well as objets d’art and paintings.

The Flying Staircase at Leighton Hall in CarnforthThe Hall and Flying Staircase

This is an exceptionally fine example of the early Gothic revival, with long delicate pillars supporting a landing and framing a beautifully curved stone staircase.

The name given to the cantilevered staircase is “The Flying Staircase”

The Library

The library is a charming little room is a style that complements the beautiful Gothic window.

Dining at Leighton Hall in LancashireThe Dining Room

This is a large panelled room of beautiful proportions, but it was not intended to be used as a dining room. It was originally built as the billiard room, which is why it has the pretty light in the ceiling that gave the light to the billiard table. In 1870, as soon as the Victorian wing was finished at the other end of the house, the billiards were taken there, and this became the dining room, which it has been ever since.

The Drawing Room

This beautiful room has a large Victorian window that give a splendid view of the whole range of the Lakeland mountains.

The Principal Bedroom at Leighton Hall

The Principal Bedroom

This room started its journey as the bridal suite of Sir James and Lady Reynolds and the furniture came from their family home in Liverpool.


The Chapel at Leighton Hall in CarnforthThe Chapel

The family chapel features a fine late 18th century Gillow alter front, which is in regular use, especially when a priest is staying at the house.

The Music Room at Leighton Hall in Lancashire

The Music Room

The Music Room is located in the newest part of the house and originally had no window. The present one was fitted by Mr JR Reynolds in 1931. The music room boasts an impressive Steinway piano.