Caterpillar Maze

The Caterpillar maze at Leighton Hall in Carnforth was designed, developed and created by the Reynolds family. It is situated in the old orchard underneath the cherry blossom trees.

It was built in stages, but so long to complete that the family christened it the Caterpillar maze because of how it looked as it was coming to fruition.

As they chopped the grass and undergrowth down and started making the pathways, it looked a like a giant caterpillar had been winding its way round the maze munching the grass and leaving a trail behind it.

Eventually, all the wriggly rows of paths wind their way together and by the time you reach the middle of the maze, you'll find our caterpillar has turned into a beautiful butterfly.

The children love finding their way round the miniature pathways and the parents love it too, because no high hedges mean the children can’t get lost!

Caterpillar Maze at Leighton Hall in Carnforth, Lancashire