Spring Workshop on Colours for Painting

Paint makers Rebecca Wallace & Pip Seymour ( will be holding a Workshop on Colours for Painting at Leighton Hall, Carnforth, Lancashire in Spring 2021.
Actual dates to be announced.
Places will be limited to  a maximum of 15. Tickets £ 30.00.
The workshop comprises a technical discussion on historic paint technique, looking at paintings in the Leighton hall collection, followed by a practical workshop looking at sources for colour and application of paint in different paint media.
Early booking is required. We will update confirmed bookings with the date for the workshop, dependent on Covid conditions in Spring 2021.
To register your interest, please email to

10am Arrival. Tea/Coffee on reception.
10.30am- 12noon – tour of Leighton hall, looking at paintings made on canvas, wood panel, paper.
We will look especially at the construction of painting supports, priming grounds, paint media used and choice of colours according period availability of pigments. Includes notable 17/18C French, Flemish, Italian oil paintings, early Twentieth Century Gouache portraits and formal Oil Portraits by war artist Edward Seago from the 1940s/50s.
12.30 – 1.15pm Lunch – Soup/sandwiches.
1.15pm -3pm – Technical Workshop in the Music Room.
Discussion of painting grounds: wood, canvas, paper. Supports for painting and support preparation/painting grounds.
Choice of media: oil, gouache, watercolour. Properties of different binding media and application according to the different painting ‘schools’ represented in the Leighton hall Collection.
Choice of colour used in painting: pigments from the earth, mineral, plants, metals.
We will prepare pigment from raw material dug from the ‘Paint Mines’ on Leighton hall estate: the famous old colour Warton Red Ochre, formerly used in artist and industrial colours, a deep red-marron red ochre, rich in natural iron oxide. Examples of oil, watercolour and gouache paint will be made from the resultant pigment.
Please bring a sketch book/pad to make colour notes.

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